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Creedy, Berdine Creedy, Berdine

Berdine Creedy makes some of the cutest doll series such as her famous Tea Cup Series of dolls. She was born and raised in South Africa where she was an elementary school teacher for ten years, until she quit to raise her four children. Never one to be idle, she took up pottery as a hobby. After trying her hand at several different types, she began sculpting dolls. Her very first doll won several awards, and she began to dream of coming to the United States to pursue a career in doll making. In 1996, she and her family were fortunate enough to win the green card lottery in South Africa and moved to the United States. In November 2004, Berdine became an American citizen and felt she had a "home" again. Since arriving here, her family have all become involved in creating her dolls. Year after year, she continues to receive DOTY award nominations as well as other awards. Berdine will be hosting our Saturday Morning Tea Time. You will want to sign up for this EVent. Her dolls will be available in the Sales Room. She will be happy to sign your purchase. [URL]http://www.berdinecreedy.com[/URL]

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